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UNODC FamilyUNited logo

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Family UNited 

We created a logo that felt sympathetic and emphasized the concepts of "family" and "being together" to reflect the goals of the "Family UNited Project" and the UN mission. 


From the logo onwards, we created many colorful illustrations for a booklet on the Family UNited Project of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Logo | Booklet | Illustration

This open source program was developed for low and middle-income countries such as Indonesia and Bangladesh and aimed to help families living in these countries.


We created 'family' illustrations with different folk variations to reflect the program.


These booklet are printed in middle-income countries. So when we illustrated the characters, we had to take into account the printing potentials in those countries such as colors and clothes with stripes or polkadots.

We also made sure that family members have physical contact with each other to highlight the theme  'UNited' .

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