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This is Ionera Design.

We are a graphic design studio based in Vienna, working with professional partners from across the world.

We help you create the brand of your dreams through our advertising services such as corporate identity, illustrations, brochures, packaging design, web design, social media management, promotional products and indoor & outdoor branding.

We preserve the minimal style and unique illustrations that Ionera Design lovers are familiar with, and also provide consultancy for several institutions and businesses, including the United Nations.

We offer creative solutions for your brand so that you can make a positive impact and differentiate from others with our magic touch, and through our professional team based across Vienna-London-Istanbul line.


Esra Köymen

Founder - Art Director & Illustrator

Esra is the founder of Ionera Design, and an art director and illustrator.

She holds a BA degree in Graphic Design and an MA degree in Marketing Communications.


Having worked in several advertisement agencies, design offices, and the marketing department of a private university in Istanbul, she has also offered services as a freelancer. She is still working as a consultant for United Nations in Vienna.


Some of her works received awards from Penta Awards and Design Turkey.

She inhabits a minimal design approach and works across multiple disciplines including illustration, graphic design, and marketing theories. 

-------- A team of impact, building brands together --------


Nida Dinçtürk

Content and Video Editor

She is a content and video editor as well as a freelance journalist with 12 years' experience in the media industry.

She has contributed to several media platforms such as Ne Haber UK, Turkish British Magazine,, News Lab Turkey, Hurriyet Kitap Sanat, Milliyet Kitap & Milliyet Sanat, gazeteduvaR, İyi Kitap, Medyapod and Appen Global.

She believes in the power of the words!

For more about her click here


Sertan Arığ

Principal UI Designer

He is a Principal UI Designer. He has experience of over 16 years and supported many large projects. 

For more about her click here

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Eda İvgen

Sr. Copywriter and Digital Strategist

She is a senior copywriter and digital strategist. She has experience of over 12 years' in several advertisement agencies with successful projects. 


She believes in the importance of thinking outside of the box and always being more creative.

For more about her click here


S.Berfin Ilhan

Social Media Producer

Sanem Berfin is a Social Media Producer. She has experience in the field of communications and social media strategy, with a number of non-profit organisations and international initiatives. She has an academic background in media and cultural studies, with a Master’s degree from the Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany.

For more about her click here


Kelly Pérez


Kelly is a Professional Photographer who has several years of experience in advertising agencies.

As the photos of a product, brand and business reflect the identity of the vision and building the base for success, she truly cares about every detail in each picture to create a match with customer expectations.

For more about her click here


Hasret Sahin

Multidisciplinary Artist

Hasret is a multidisciplinary artist based in Germany. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Ceramic Arts and a Master of Arts program in Concepts of Fine Arts.


She is working as a freelancer artist, mainly photography, illustration, graphic design for printing purposes and social media.

For more about her click here

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 17.39.07.png

V. Viktor Taban

Web / SEO Specialist

He is a Web Designer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist, and previously a programmer.


He also has experience in System Expertise, with knowledge in programming languages such as C#, Php, ASP, HTML5.  

Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 12.54.58.png

Burak Kılıç

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist 

Burak has been a Social Media Specialist since 2010. He directs the social media accounts of several brands.

Screenshot 2022-03-08 at 11.36.17.png

Hande Cavus

Graphic Designer

Hande is a graphic designer who works multi-disciplines. She is a specialist in illustration and also UI design. 

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